What Do We Do? We Get Research Funded.
November 4, 2016

There’s nothing we like more than feedback. Not a surprising statement, we know, from fellow researchers. Over the last couple of months, we’ve sought lots of feedbackto inform how we continue to shape and expand our solutions — to assure we’re solving clients’ real problems in meaningful, smart ways.


So, as we move out of our beta phase, we came away with two key insights based on your comments:

  1. Collaborata fills an important need and solves a significant problem in a unique, creative way.
  2. Collaborata should be able to solve that problem in even more ways, offering greater flexibility to reflect your individual needs.


This post will briefly unpack the first point above, while a future post will expand upon the second point by sharing the specifics of Collaborata’s new services.

According to a recent Quirk’s study, 80% of corporate researchers don’t have adequate budget to fund all of their research needs. (And, by the way, our anecdotal research still hasn’t found a single client who says that their budget will cover all of their planned projects.) This is the big problem that Collaborata solves. We connect clients with similar insights needs to share costs while finding the right research providers to execute their projects at the right price. By reducing redundancy, we reduce costs and stretch research budgets, enabling more research.

So, do you have a “wish list” of projects that you just don’t have the budget to fund? Do you have a single project whose cost you’d like to reduce by sharing, in order to stretch your budget to fund additional projects, allowing you to proactively react to opportunities and to better react to new requests within your organization?

During our beta phase, together with several skilled research providers, we curated some 20 projects whose total value exceeded $3 million. These are projects that represent a range of content, designs, and price points. Our sales team enthusiastically reached out to clients to introduce them to Collaborata, but more importantly, to recommend a project or two that we believed would be of significant value.

We realized that we were taking too long explaining Collaborata, instead of closely considering each client’s specific problems that we could help solve. Don’t get us wrong: We love talking about all of the great stuff we’ve built. But, we’d rather put our solutions to use targeting clients’ pressing problems. And, it finally got through our (somewhat) thick heads as to how to best express what we do. Here it is. Drumroll, please. We get research funded.

Different clients have different funding needs, goals, and thresholds of comfort when it comes to sharing insights and data. What might work for one client or for one project might not be the best solution for another.

There are many ways to skin a cat (with apologies to my feline-loving mother for another cat-analogy). And, there is more than one way to fund a project.

Tell us your needs, please. We’ll recommend an approach.

What matters is that we’re solving your problem in whatever way works best for you, in terms not only of cost reduction (and budget-stretching), but also in adhering to your own comfort level when it comes to confidentiality and sharing with competitors.

In the end, please simply remember this (as we will, too!): Collaborata gets research funded.