Upcoming Webinar to Preview “Generation Nation” Preliminary Findings


CHICAGO – July 10 – The number of Americans who think America is the greatest country in the world is rising—if they were born before 1980. Roughly 70 percent of baby boomers and Gen Xers rank the U.S. as No. 1, but the number of millennials and Gen Zers who agree is much lower and dropping. These and more data points, insights, and implications from Collaborata’s “Generation Nation: Values and Attitudes” project will be discussed in a webinar on July 19 at 12 p.m. EST.

Based on a recently fielded study conducted by market-research boutique 747 Insights, the project reveals unexpected differences between baby boomers, Generation X, millennials, and Generation Z following the turbulent 2016 election.

Presented by 747 Insight’s Michael Wood, a former senior researcher at Chicago-based youth market research leader, TRU, the webinar will discuss how brands can use the project’s insights based on their target audience’s generation, lifestage, and mindset.

“It’s time to re-examine and perhaps even re-frame our thinking about these generations,” says Wood. “Generational theory says we’re shaped by the political, social and economic events during our formative years. So, how do generations evolve and shift based not on their age, but on external forces—especially when the change is tumultuous, as we’re witnessing today?”

This project’s sponsors include industry leaders ranging from auto manufacturers and financial institutions to advertising agencies, media companies, and consumer-product brands. Now fully funded, the project is available for purchase exclusively on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace.

“This study will help to connect with each individual generation. But to truly understand any one of these cohorts, you need to do so within the context of making sense of all four. This is the first major study to do that since the presidential election. This research will help redefine how each generation currently exists in this new economic, political, and social landscape of 2017.”

The “Generation Nation: Values and Attitudes” project will serve as the foundational research for a future series of studies that will dive deeper into each generations’ attitudes toward and behaviors regarding lifestyles, social issues, media, shopping, entertainment, and more.

Those interested in attending the webinar can register online at www.collaborata.clickmeeting.com.


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