Two Generational Projects Ready to Launch


Two project collaboratives have recently come together. While these projects are headed to field soon, there’s still time for a limited number of organizations to sponsor this research and influence its final design. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

“Gen Z Moms: A Strategic Look at the Next Generation of Parents”
Join Kids2 and Gerber to better connect with new moms

The oldest of Gen Z are age 22 and on the cusp of parenthood. This future-focused project will explore how Gen Z parents will meaningfully differ from their Millennial predecessors and their own Xer parents.

This work will get out ahead of this lifestage shift to gain insight into:

  • Gen Z’s likely approach to parenting
  • Gen Z’s relationship with their own parents to understand what they’re mirroring vs. rejecting
  • The tensions of parenting today, with a focus on cultural norms, economic forces, social media, and consumer behavior
  • Gen Z’s shopping behaviors and preferences in key client categories including retail channels


“Hacking Longevity: Illuminating 5 Big Life Shifts”
Join AARP and others to dive deep into five of the most consequential milestones along the aging journey

Gain critical insight into how to serve and connect with 3 generations who are in the midst of one of 5 profound Life Shifts:

  • Caregiving
  • Aging Single
  • Grandparenting
  • Career Encoring
  • Change in Living Situation

The framework: health, wealth and self.

A robust research design, including behavioral data, will yield insights to spark new-product innovation by identifying pain points inherent in each Life Shift.


“Riding the Cannabis Wave: The First Playbook for Corporate Brands”

Marijuana is now mainstream. “Cannapreneurs” are trying to cash in, while Big Business outside of this growing industry is looking to test the waters to take cannabis corporate.

While some basic research exists about consumer preferences when it comes to specific cannabis products and consumption methods, there’s little out there relating to how consumers would feel about well-known brands and companies entering the space. This study would develop the first playbook for brands looking to capitalize on the adult-use cannabis opportunity.

This project is in the early stages of development. If you would like to help shape this study, or to learn more as we move forward:

Please contact us

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