Introducing: “Hacking Longevity: Illuminating 5 Big Life Shifts”


Collaborata is excited to be launching: “Hacking Longevity: Illuminating 5 Big Life Shifts,” which expands upon last year’s “Hacking Longevity: A 3-Generation Perspective on Living to 100.”

The initial project answered key questions and raised new ones. Specifically, it identified discreet “Life Shifts” along the aging journey during which people face abrupt and profound changes.

The new research will also take a three-generation approach to uncover the pain points and emotions people are experiencing who are in the midst of the following five Life Shifts:

  • Caregiving
  • Aging Single
  • Grandparenting
  • Career Encoring
  • Changing Living Situation

Lisa Cooper of research agency RTi will lead the project together with subject-matter expert Lori Bitter, president of Business of Aging. Within the framework of health, wealth and self, the project’s strategic goals are to:

  • Spark new-product innovation
  • Provide guidelines for communicating with and serving consumers in the midst of each of these 5 key Life Shifts
  • Assure your brand’s relevance and affinity during these times of great life change

“Hacking Longevity: 5 Key Life Shifts” will be a robust project, incorporating behavioral data, a large quantitative survey, and qualitative-at-scale research. To assure each collaborating sponsor gets the most of the research, in addition to a fully integrated report, we’re producing professionally edited videos of each of the 5 Life Shifts for socializing the learnings within your organization. Lisa Cooper and Lori Bitter are available to present the findings at your site and facilitate activation sessions.

AARP is again acting as this year’s “Champion.” We’re in the process of bringing on a few other organizations as “Collaborators” to help shape the areas of questioning.

Please contact Collaborata to learn more and get involved in this important research at an early stage.

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