Growing the Industry by Funding More Research – Part Five


This article was orginally published on The Greenbook Blog.

Welcome to our next post featuring two insights projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. Greenbook is happy to support a platform whose mission is to fund more research. 

We believe in the idea of connecting clients and research providers to co-sponsor projects. We invite you to Collaborate!


Collaborata Featured Project #1:

“What Really Happens in the Produce Aisle: Mobile Shop-alongs”

Purpose: This study will uncover true “in-the-moment” purchase decisions made in the produce aisle. You’ll learn the degree to which price and promotions, organic, non-GMO, appearance, displays or other variables impact the actual produce purchase.

The Pitch: This quantitative mobile shop-along, leveraging geo-fencing technology, will capture what consumers are really doing in the produce aisle. You’ll learn if they stick to what they claim is important to them, while gaining rich insight into the purchase-decision tree, barriers, and drivers. Because of this study’s unprecedented scale, you’ll learn if behavior differs by type of store and the generation of the consumer. Become a co-sponsor and get input into the project now! Check out this video to learn more.

Who’s this for: Produce boards, brands, and retailers

Who’s behind this: Cooper Roberts Research, a full-service market research firm, who’s conducted close to 100 produce studies.

For details on becoming a co-sponsor: Click here or email


Collaborata Featured Project #2:

 “What’s Hot & Not in the Digital Economy”

Purpose: The first wave of this new qualitative research series, which will include 8-10 mini-groups based on San Francisco, will distinguish between what’s truly exciting consumers in the digital economy and what they see as simply hype.

The Pitch: Tap into tech-forward consumers on a quarterly basis to see why some new ideas are being adopted and others are not. Your company will participate via a live streaming link and receive a Rapid Output Report and consultation from the researchers. This first wave will provide new insights on how consumers value and prioritize digital wallets, payment tools, and share-economy apps.

Who’s this for: Tech companies developing new consumer products and tools, and all brands needing to better understand what consumers want when it comes to digital payment.

Who’s Behind This: Scoot Insights is a quick turnaround qualitative consultancy offering a streamlined methodology to deliver insights faster without compromising on quality.

For details on becoming a co-sponsor: Click here or email

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Jimmy Zollo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Collaborata -- a Chicago-based tech startup serving the insights and marketing research world. Collaborata is the first-ever platform that enables organizations to share research costs and insights. Collaborata was a finalist for the 2017 Midwest Digital Startup of the Year, the 2016 Insight Innovation Award and has been featured on Business Insider, BuiltInChicago, Greenbook, Quirks, Research Live, MRWeb, and Market Research World. For more information, please visit: Jimmy developed his passion and enthusiasm for the Chicago tech community, while driving growth at GrubHub for four years. He helped develop GrubHub's industry-leading restaurant network, traveling across the country to launch new markets and grow existing ones. Following GrubHub's IPO and merger with Seamless, Jimmy transitioned to the corporate team, leading partnerships between GrubHub and many of Chicago's leading law, consulting, tech, and marketing firms.


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