Cracking the Black Box: Unearthing Netflix Viewership Data
December 11, 2016

In these days of omnipresent data, Netflix, one of the world’s most tech-forward companies, is an outlier.

Because Netflix does not sell advertising, it’s able to keep viewership data private, which would provide tremendous insight to competitors and content producers alike. So, Netflix has successfully remained a “data black hole,” ensuring that there would be no Nielsen-style ratings that would offer others competitive intelligence.

For years now, Netflix competitors, partners, and content producers have been forced to make key decisions without viewership data and insights. But now, thanks to Luth Research’s proprietary ZQ Intelligence™ technology, Netflix viewership data is finally available. Luth’s groundbreaking research reveals – in granular detail based on passive data-collection technology – who’s watching Netflix, how they’re watching, and what specifically they’re watching. In other words, the “black box” has finally been cracked.

The trends and insights from this data will illuminate many of the often-asked questions about the impact of Netflix’s distribution of TV networks’ content, audience characteristics, cross-platform consumption behaviors.

We’re thrilled that Luth has chosen Collaborata as its distribution partner to the industry. We’re making the data available at two different price points, which are described below based upon data recency:

Current Data (upcoming 12 months)

Historical Data (past 12 months, beginning six months from current)