ConsumerQuest Announces Second Wave of “The Kringle Report™: Kids’ Holiday Wish Lists Quantified”


CHICAGO, October 31st, 2017 – Two months before Christmas, Hatchimals has pulled even with Barbie as the most-requested toy among girls, while LEGO continues to dominate boys’ holiday wish lists. Based on the second wave of data from the wish list tracking study The Kringle Report™, these brands now top the list of what kids age 5-11 say they want for the upcoming holiday season.

Market-research firm ConsumerQuest, Inc. is behind The Kringle Report, which is the first study to track kids’ holiday wish lists on an unaided ongoing basis.

“The October report found that more girls requesting a Barbie doll or playset than any other brand or type of toy,” explained Cory Schwartz, President of ConsumerQuest. “However, girls are more passionate about Hatchimals, asking their parents for it over and over again.” In the latest wave, The Kringle Report found that girls who mention wanting Hatchimals for Christmas had asked their parents for it an average of 4.5 times in the past 30 days.

Boys’ wish lists are dominated by LEGO, which three times as many boys requested as the next-leading brand. In total, respondents mentioned more than 1,200 unique products in the most recent October wave.

The Kringle Report offers an insider’s look at kids’ holiday wish lists, starting in September. Each of the seven waves of the study, to be conducted through Spring 2018, asks 5- to 11-year-olds to name the toys and games they most want for the holidays. To account for passion and intensity of demand, moms report the number of times their child has asked for each item on their wish list. “We call this the all-important ‘nudge factor’,” Schwartz said.

The study also measures awareness of new and promoted items at the SKU level, so that manufacturers can more precisely assess the impact that media plans and merchandising are having in breaking through the clutter. “Awareness is critical,” explained Schwartz. “Kids typically get the toys they ask for, but obviously they cannot ask for toys they do not even know about. The Kringle Report shows that awareness of some items is prohibitively low. On the other hand, a few new launches have already achieved an impressive level of awareness and liking, boding well for their future.”

To help gauge the popularity of established licenses and uncover potential up-and-coming licenses, children are also asked what entertainment properties they most want in a toy or game, even if toys or games based on those properties do not yet exist.

“Kids’ minds change quickly, particularly when deciding on what toys they want the most. This is why a tracking study is needed in this industry. Retailers and marketers can use this tool to take advantage of swinging momentum as the holiday season approaches,” said Schwartz. “No other research tracks what kids want for Christmas in their own words, which makes ‘The Kringle Report’ an excellent leading indicator for the industry.”

According to Schwartz, The Kringle Report also captures what trend-setting kids want, including un-branded new toy types. “This research helps toy manufacturers spot the next big trend as early as possible. Fidget spinners were a missed branding opportunity for major companies,” he added.

The Kringle Report is being offered exclusively on Collaborata, a cost-sharing marketing-research platform that “democratizes accessibility to this critical data,” according to Collaborata CEO Jimmy Zollo. “Clients are able to purchase this data for a fraction of the price, due to our unique model.”

For details about the research and a preview video, click here.

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