Collaborata and Research Narrative Launch “United States of Video”


Chicago, IL, April 27, 2020 – Collaborata, the insights industry’s cost-sharing platform and Research Narrative, a full-service research agency with deep expertise in digital media, are partnering on an ambitious new project to uncover how American consumers are using video in their brand discovery journey. “The United States of Video: How Video Content is Impacting Americans’ Brand Discovery and Purchase Decisions” is now in development, with subscribing clients preparing to provide input, while new organizations are joining the project’s “collaborative.”

“The United States of Video” will provide a roadmap for brands to better leverage video in consumers’ discovery process. The project entails three phases:

  1. Observation: Digital tracking of search and video discovery behavior via Luth ZQ behavioral tech solution for 60 days (30 days pre-COVID-19 “stay at home” period, 30 days during the “new normal” to follow).
  2. Exploration: In-depth qualitative digital diaries to understand the role video plays in the discovery and buying decision processes, and how brands can better optimize their role.
  3. Validation: Quantify the above and the opportunity of video to drive discovery and inform or influence purchase decisions.

“Millennials and Gen Z, the YouTube and Twitch generations, are driving more household buying decisions than ever before. And, because of the massive behavioral changes resulting from COVID-19, digital video is likely to have an even greater impact for all generations of Americans during their brand discovery process,” explained Kerry Edelstein, president of Research Narrative, who’s leading the project.

“While previous research has revealed the importance of video, it’s critical to understand specifically where along the discovery process video is most impactful, as well as specifically what type of videos consumers prefer and even where and when they’d like to be exposed to brand-related content,” Collaborata CEO Jimmy Zollo.

Importantly, “The United States of Video” will provide brands with essential insights into how behavior has changed during the pandemic and how the all this will impact future consumer behaviors when the health crisis subsides.

“Video will always be here, and during our shelter-in-place moment, many consumers are already changing how they learn about and discover new brands, products and services, and much of that changed behavior will remain even after we’re able to reenter the public,” stated Zollo. “We’re going to provide brands with a playbook that can be used now and post COVID-19 that will help them connect and communicate with their consumers, leading to significant ROI.”


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“The United States of Video: How Video Content is Impacting Americans’ Brand Discovery and Purchase Decisions,” powered by Collaborata, is in development. If interested in learning more about this project and how your organization can subscribe, please go to

About Collaborata: Collaborata is the first global platform connecting corporate clients to fund large-scale research projects, conducted by subject-matter experts. Founded in 2016, the firm has already launched more than 50 original and ambitious studies. Clients include world-class brands, top marketing agencies, and innovative NGOs. To learn more, visit

About Research Narrative: Research Narrative will be executing the research for this project. A full-service market research, insights-advisory, and data-journalism agency, Research Narrative specializes in media and communications research. The company’s digital-video clients include leading video brands like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Studios, and Rovi/Tivo.

About Kerry Edelstein, President and Founder of Research Narrative, will lead this project. Kerry is an expert in creating data-driven stories that drive business and content strategy. Kerry has collaborated with renowned media brands such as Netflix, Disney, YouTube, Amazon, Discovery, NPR, SheKnows Media, Vulcan Productions, and Viacom Media Networks to develop programming, launch cross-platform media strategies, and build leading brand portfolios.

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Jimmy Zollo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Collaborata -- a Chicago-based tech startup serving the insights and marketing research world. Collaborata is the first-ever platform that enables organizations to share research costs and insights. Collaborata was a finalist for the 2017 Midwest Digital Startup of the Year, the 2016 Insight Innovation Award and has been featured on Business Insider, BuiltInChicago, Greenbook, Quirks, Research Live, MRWeb, and Market Research World. For more information, please visit: Jimmy developed his passion and enthusiasm for the Chicago tech community, while driving growth at GrubHub for four years. He helped develop GrubHub's industry-leading restaurant network, traveling across the country to launch new markets and grow existing ones. Following GrubHub's IPO and merger with Seamless, Jimmy transitioned to the corporate team, leading partnerships between GrubHub and many of Chicago's leading law, consulting, tech, and marketing firms.